Tortuguero is located between the Caribbean ocean and an incredible canal system and impress with it´s biodiversity in flora and fauna. Let´s get attend on a tour and profit from the knowledge, the very well-trained eyes and the experience of the guides, who help you to even find the best camouflaged animals!



Canoeing in the National Park Tortuguero


Enjoy the stunning greenness of the tropical vegetation, the peace in remote spots of the river (only disturbed by singing birds and howler monkeys at moments) and let the impressions of this exquisite secondary forest sink in.

To increase the chance to see diurnal animals as well as nocturnal animals, this tour starts early in the morning at 6 a.m. in a canoe without engine and exclusively in small groups at a maximum of 8 persons.


price per person: $35 (entry for the nationalpark included $15)

Night tour


A mystical, lively and sometimes strangely world appears, when the sun in Tortuguero disappears behind the mountains and the night closes in.


This tour is about the fascination of the nocturnal animals in Costa Rica, the scores of insects, amphibians and mammals, whose day starts when ours goes out. Equipped with flashlights, you will have the chance to be a part of their world and with a bit of luck you will spot toxic and non-toxic animals.

 The tour starts at 7 p.m.


price per person: $20


Turtle tour


Be part in the haunting spectacle, when one of the 4 species of sea turtles come to Tortuguero beach for egg disposition! (2 of them are endangered: the leatherback turtle and the green sea turtle)


The Tour starts in the late evening to extend the chance of observing one of these primeval animals. To not disturb or even frighten the turtles, the observation is only permitted with red light exclusively from the guide.


price per person: $25


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200m / 656 ft north of Tortuguero Nacional Park


Tortuguero, Costa Rica



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